About Us

What truly sets our bulk ingredients apart

Navada Imports is a supplier of 100% Pure and Natural, Organic and Conventional Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils, as well as specialty products. We strive to bring the highest quality products from all across the world. In order to do so, our sourcing team travels to every suppliers’ facility to make sure they abide by the highest quality standards. Almost 97% of our suppliers are SQF certified. At Navada Imports, we never buy any material through a third party. All the ingredients we sell are sourced directly from the manufacturers. The biggest differentiator between our company and some other suppliers is that we are never guided by price. This is not to say that we are not price-conscious, but the price is not our main criteria. We value the origin of the product, the food safety standards of the manufacturers, and the track record of our suppliers to determine how and where we source our products from. As a company, all the products that come to our warehouses are tested by a third-party lab in order to ensure that each batch is within spec. Our customers benefit from this process as they can be absolutely sure of what they are buying. At Navada Imports we stand behind every product that we sell, and we are sure that you will enjoy cooking, blending, formulating with these ingredients.